Going to a brewery is different than going to bar for some drinks. A Brewery is an experience where you can see a product being made from scratch, watch the brew master from behind the glass seeing the all-natural ingredients, and then knowing you are getting the freshest beer possible. To smell the wort boiling away.   Beer can be and should be an experience. Pavlov’s is where you can sit and taste all the flavors in each beer you try.

There are many people out there that will only drink the national brands of beer. They don’t see the need to try a Craft Beer. We believe they are missing out. So, We ask them to come and try ours of mine. Wewatch closely to their reaction. Their eyes widen and light up, a small smile hits the face, then words come out “this is really good”. We never get tired of hearing and seeing their reactions. All we want is for people to try different beers. They will find something that they will like and will be back again and again. Once you are hooked on Craft Beer, the phase you hear next is “you ruined me, I can’t drink those national brands anymore they’re like drinking water”.

Pavlov’s wants customers to experience one of the great things in life, Craft Beer.  We will offer great craft beers made from only all natural ingredients. We will present the classic styles of beer and have a few beers with creative twists for those looking for a different tasty treat.