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About Us

Opened in 2019 by Bedford Locals, John and Joan Groll. Featuring 16 rotating taps of house brewed beer, Michigan vinted wines, local entertainment, and weekly food trucks, Pavlov’s Brewing Company has quickly become a community gathering place.


Years in Business






Ciders (and counting)

What’s in a Name?

Pavlov’s Brewing Company? I’m sure many people will ask, “Why did you pick this name for the brewery?”.

It wasn’t an easy process. Joan & I went through a whole bunch of names at one point completely covering my desk with sticky notes.

Then it happened, one Saturday night, Joan woke me from a dead sleep. She said, “We should call it Pavlov’s.” Still not completely awake, “What?”, I said. “Pavlov’s, now go write it down!” she instructed. So that’s what I did and then went back to sleep.

The next morning Joan came downstairs and we began to talk about Pavlov, who he was and what he did. It was an instant fit! For those who don’t know, Joan is blind and has a guide dog by the name of Quinley. This wonderful dog was given to Joan by Leader Dogs for the Blind, allowing her to be more independent. Quinley is a product of the conditioned response, pioneered by Pavlov many years ago. Quinley has been conditioned with love and can do many things to assist Joan. She can find curbs, chairs, stairs, doors and so on. She has been a great asset to us and our lives. With Quinley in mind, we decided that naming the brewery Pavlov’s Brewing Company made perfect sense to us.

So come in and a brew or two at the Home of the Conditioned Response.


-John Groll